January 5th, 2003


Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a fridge (02-047)

Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a fridge (02-047)

I love people who have stupid ideas. I just adore those people who not only have stupid ideas, but actually make them reality. Tony Hawks is one of that last kind. Completely drunk he agrees to a bet to travel around Ireland with a fridge. Hitchhiking that is. If he wins, he gets 100 pounds, the fridge only cost him 130, which makes the bet even more ridiculous. But he agreed to do it, so he went.

This book is an hilarious account of what happened when he travelled through the country. The fridge and Tony become good mates, the little machine even gets a name, gets baptised, learns how to surf and plenty of other things. Tony himself is being dubbed the Fridge Man and becomes somewhat of a hero, with the backing of a local radio show who announces his plans for the day and sends people to help him everywhere. And so he does get help everywhere. Cabdrivers take him to the edge of town, bed and breakfast places offer him free lodging and most pubs are full of people offering the fridge man a beer. Or two. Or twenty seven.

Obviously he manages to win the bet, not a surprise. I wouldn't have written a book about the whole story had I lost the bet. The only disadvantage of the book is that after a while things become fairly predicatable. More beer, another radio interview and another free bed someplace new. Still, I rushed through it and read it in a day or so. Great book, funny story, brilliant characters. I guess I have to buy his next book as well now, where he manages to play tennis against the whole Moldavian football team. Anybody for another stupid bet?
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