March 6th, 2003


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I'm tired, will update more extensively in the weekend again. I'm going to bed. Extremely early for me. But first I'll be knitting a brown sweater.
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My friends

Last week I had a bit more time on my hands as before. School holidays. I did go through some of your LJ's for quite a few posts. I noticed that I have missed quite a bit. I was going to use the word neglecting, but I guess that would exaggerating the point. I didn't have internet access, apart from at work for about three months, next to that the combination of work, study and all things I do at my local football club, has not been easy lately. I'm about a week behind in reading the papers, I'm behind in my study and go into most classes unprepared. Somewhere I need to find a way to put 26 hours in every day. An extra hour of sleep would be very welcome as well.

So basically what I'm saying is that I'm sorry if I missed important events in your life. If I should have commented and didn't. If you'd like me to talk to you and I haven't. I will better my life. Cable internet certainly does have advantages!
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I'm popular. Two coaches phoned me within half an hour after each other. I'll certainly play on sunday. Good to see that half a year after I stopped playing seriously, the lower teams still like me to play.
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