March 14th, 2003



I'm tired. I've only got myself to blame. I know I did a lot of work, but I should just take more rest. Don't do as much next to work. Now I'm battling to make the weekend. Last night before midnight I was planning to go to bed. Unluckily the only thing worth watching on tv was on at about that time. With my intense curiousity bugging me to check my e-mail before bedtime and finally my urge to read before actually going to sleep. Again it was nearly two o' clock when I switched of the lights. The alarmclock hits me harder every morning.

I'm going to watch the speedskating on tv now. Last important races of the season, world championships. I missed a few distances this afternoon, while still in school. Last races of the 5km coming up.
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Just seen the first episode of Tenacious D. I'm not sure what to think yet. Ten minutes is just about right. I have downloaded some of their songs, including the complete album. Perhaps I should listen first. Still, I'm sure I'll watch again next week. Be it only to prove that I do not automatically disapprove everything that is American. There must be more than baseball!

My first poll

As a paid member I get to make polls. So this is my first one ever. Let me think..

Why are you reading my journal?

I like your book reports
You talk about travelling a lot
Your private life is an even bigger mess than mine
At least in your LJ there is something to read


I should be doing the dishes, haven't done them for over a week, hardly have any clean stuff left. Have to clean out pots before cooking. I'm getting lazy, the kitchen is suitable for a nice family of small nasty animals.