April 13th, 2003



Tomorrow morning, actually in my world in the middle of the night, I'll be leaving for the Czeck republic for a week. Survival with 26 students and three teachers. Could be fun. Could be difficult as well. We'll see. This does obviously mean I won't be around here until friday. Don't miss me too much.

Fantasy update

After winning my NHL league, without actually enjoying it though, I am due to win both my NBA leagues this week. Roto is a certainty, 10 points clear. The only remaining question is how many points I will get. 88, 89 or even 90. With 90 I can see myself getting high in the Yahoo overall rankings. I've been up to 339 one week, perhaps the first 300 is still possible. My HTH is still not a certainty. I'm leading 6-3 in the final, with a few days to go. I can only follow one strategy: play whatever I've got and hope that the extra steals, assists and blocks compensate for the low averages and plenty Turnovers. It's a shame I can't see the last few days, with me in the middle of nowhere. I'll have to wait until I get back to find out.

Now I must start packing. The alarm is due in 6 hours and a bit and I haven't even started yet.
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