April 18th, 2003


Back home

Yes I'm back. Had a great week in the middle of nowhere of the Czech republic, the kids were enjoying themselves, we had plenty of sun. Now I'm knackered. 3 days of all kinds of active stuff and a night in the bus do not go down too well. Will report more later, first a couple of hours of ZZZ's for me.
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Lazy day

I really needed that siesta this afternoon, over 2 hours of sleep. I did a lot of excersise this week. 3 huge walks from a few hours, climbing, abseiling, rafting, mountainbiking, several other activities. Not forgetting the two huge busjourneys. But however unfit I am, compared to most of my students I'm still a sportsman. Just not today. Hanging on the sofa, watching the comedies I taped this week, Freek de Jonge at the moment. I did some laundry, probably need two more cycles this weekend. Couldn't be bothered to cook, was even too lazy to go and get some, so it was soup and yoghurt for dinner tonight. I guess more tv and this weeks newspapers for the rest of the night.
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In my absence the NBA regular season ended, which is also the end of fantasy league season for me. And Yes, I won both my leagues! I am fantasy king for a couple of days (I had Weir at the US open as well). My roto was predictable, I won by 10 points but that wasn't enough to climb the overall Yahoo rankings, I came 600th or something like that.

The HTH was more fun. In the final I played number two. We both ended at .632 during the season, I don't know why I was ranked first. But I proved it right and won the final 6-3.

Now I can concentrate on baseball. In HTH I was sharing first, but am being battered by the annoying twat that sends me an uneven trade offer every 3 days to which I started responding by an equally uneven counter trade, two days to catch up, but 7-1 down might be too much to repair in two days. In Roto I'm in 3rd, only in LJFBL I'm low. Again. One day I will compete in the top of it. I guess 2015 might be my season.
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