May 4th, 2003



Bloody bugger. I thought I downloaded Johnny English, finally I got to watch it (Thank you athlongeek) and it turns out to be Ace Ventura! I don't even like Jim Carey.
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As asked for by some people.

Down below the little introduction I wrote myself when joining the religion_free community. I thought to point out some things they did carelessly in my opinion. Just a few points. I admit: I got a little cheeky in the end. Still, I was banned without any discussion. Shortest time I was a member of any community. Never been banned before either. Oh well, first for everything. I don't think I want to be a member of any community that is this intolerant..

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Played footy again this morning. Was fun, until the game got harder. I had already tackled from behind once, losing a shoe and receiving a hole in my socks in the process, when I got a full body check. I was faster, the ball went past the defender and not for one second he looked at the ball, he only looked at me and made sure I couldn't get passed. This might be acceptable in Icehockey or American Football, in my sport it certainly isn't. So hurt on the grass I called him an idiot and he came back in a very threatening way. His eyes looked like he hadn't had any sleep and was still feeling th effect of some strange pills he had taken last night. Scary. I just turned around and walked of the pitch. Sunday morning leagues are recreational. They are supposed to be fun. This way, I'm not enjoying it, so I walked of. Never done anything like that before, hope it won't be necessary again. We did win 1-2 actually. Not that it matters.
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Next to LJ I have become quite addicted to BookCrossing. Brilliant concept. Leave books you don't want anymore just about anywhere for others to find. After that hope somebody finds it and registers the book on the site as well. That way you can follow the book around the world.

Look here:

I've registered several books due for release, have released 18 already. See my bookshelf:

Booklovers, you'll like this site.