June 1st, 2003


Home work

I'm going to bed now, should have done homework today. I didn't. Slept for hours (jetlag after all?), had to do shopping, watched some tv, mailed some people. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. 2 papers in a day, should be possible.

Nighty night!

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I have finally started writing these f@#$%ing papers. Nearly done with the first, but too many distractions. Cycling on tv. Mail in a different window. A weeks worth of newspapers.

Meindert Talma – Kriebelvisje (03-015)

Meindert Talma – Kriebelvisje (03-015)

The second novel by Talma and the second time his book is accompanied by a CD. Every song is a chapter in the book. The lyrics are in there, but also a story that explains where the song comes from. Some of the songs are in Frysian, most are in Dutch. The stories are all in Dutch, though some of the quotes are Frysian as well. I can’t speak that language, but I do understand most of it.

Talma writes about his efforts to become a professional musician. Now that he has, he looks back with great sense of humour. He still isn’t well known, more of a cult hero and he needs his weekly columns and books sales to stay a performing artist. He deserves a bigger audience. His dry humour is brilliant and his memories are recognisable for most thirty somethings.

I saw him perform twice a couple of months ago as an opening act to Spinvis, some new hero. His act was static, yet that suits him perfectly. Shoeless he sits behind his piano. He sings some songs, reads out an hilarious story about the first public performance of his first book. He reads it out as dry as if everything happening is completely normal. Later I spoke to him via E-mail, he published one of my stories (a review about a song about cycling by him) on his website.

This book again is great. Stories about former boxer Rudy Koopmans, about visiting a prostitute, about a cult artist in the north of the Netherlands and about the girl with a tattoo that gave name to this book. Talma is an underrated author. Somebody should spread the word.
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