June 3rd, 2003



I should have started saturday, postponing expert as I am, obviously I didn't. I wrote one paper sunday afternoon. The end evaluation. Be critical towards yourself and you will pass that one seems the motto, no problem for me therefore. The last assignment I wrote about Human Resource Management within my school. Or more accurately: the lack thereof. I'm afraid that was my worst effort. No research, no literature, no facts, just plain writing and drawing of some vague conclusions. I started of last night and continued this evening. Just finished ten minutes ago, tomorrow at school I've got to print, bind and send it. Which means that by friday I could be finished completely and next week on friday I can pick up my diploma. Which also means that after 4 years of teaching and one year of little extra effort I am a qualified teacher. Scary thought. Perhaps time to find a new job?
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Last week I read a funny quote. When someone asked Rumsfeld why they haven't found any chemical weapons in Iraq, he told the reporters that Iraq is a big country, even bigger than California and there aren't enough people to search thoroughly. Wasn't that exactly why the UN couldn't finish their inspections any faster?