July 3rd, 2003



I just love the fact that as school holidays have started, there is no need to get up early anymore. So just hit the snooze button a few times and enjoy another minutes of laziness.

Update 2

I had a good time in Spain. I had five days, the first two were to talk to everyone I needed to see, which I managed. All three students are doing fine, though were bored with the little work there is for them to do. So apart from just talking to them and their managers, I also needed to play the role of motivational coach. It went okay.

For the weekend I rented a car and drove to LLeida on saturday, nice city, long journey. On sunday I went to the footy in Barcelona, last match of the season in which they managed a win to reach the Uefa cup. I like their stadium (Camp Nou), I enjoyed the conversation with the two old blokes who got us in the stadium and I'm proud I managed to drive through the whole city to the parking garage just opposite the stadium.

Finally on monday I went to Andorra, another long day in the car. The tiny mountain state itself isn't very exciting, the road to get there was. Several mountain passes, brilliant views, nice roads, I really enjoyed that. At night I had a drink with the girls, then slept for only a few hours, fireworks (San Joan) and early flight took care of that.

It was good to practice my Spanish again as well actually, though I didn't manage to finish the Spanish book I took, still, it's holidays, plenty of time the coming weeks.


Vazquez against Maddux on the fifth. I've got both in one of my 5 teams. Which one do I play. Or both? Or neither?
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I'm doing my first pre selection for one of the many fantasy teams I will have to play for this year's Tour de France. Only two more nights!


This week was officially school holidays. Yet I went to work twice still. Tuesday preparing some stuff for next year (Me: so this will count towards my hourcount next schoolyear. Boss: keep track of how many hours you worked) and yesterday closing this year, filing some reports, cleaning my desk, back up some important computer files. So now it's really holidays. 6+ weeks of no school. I deserve it, worked far too many hours this year and overtime is not being paid. I am tired.