July 14th, 2003



I want to do more than just watch Tour de France, last night I couldn't sleep and saw it become light before sleeping for a bit. Still sat in front of the television for hours, no waste of time at all, one of the best stages of the last few years. Armstrong in yellow but vulnerable.

I've set myself some tasks to do apart from the Tour. Today I folded and put away the washing and walked (also excercise!) to bring a lot of glass to the bottle bank. Not that I drink much, but this is only the second time since I moved here in November that I do so. Two bags full, more room in my messy store room.

I am aiming to write something every day as well. But I'm not doing too well on that front, apart from a Tour inspired poem of the day, I'm still slacking. Oh well, it's holidays. Perhaps another day.

Nighty night!
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