July 19th, 2003


EC Baseball

Netherlands made it into the final, as expected. Sweden had apparently used all their energy and their best pitcher to make it into the semis, beating Italy in the quarters. 7 runs in the 2nd and 14 (!) more in the 6th combined with a no-hitter by pitcher Eelco Jansen resulted in 21-0 in 7 innings. In the final on saturday the Netherlands have to play Greece.

Herman Brood – Zoon van alle moeders (03-027)

Herman Brood – Zoon van alle moeders (03-027)

Poetry, though one has to read well to see the poetry in these words. They are very typical thoughts of Brood. Whatever that means. Spelling seems not be important, a bit of imagination might be. One poem lists all the prescription drugs he orders, ended with the remark ‘anything else?’ Another example:

Hele gewone jonge gebleve
Jammer he.

Untranslatable, as in those 6 words he manages to describe exactly how the Dutch think and what is wrong wit hit according to him.

Brood was a unique artist, poetry might not have been his strength, it is funny to read anyway. If it wasn’t for his suicide (July 11, 2001), this book wouldn’t have been republished. If you’re curious about the person, here’s the obituary I wrote in my LJ two days after his death:
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