July 29th, 2003



Two more nights (well one and a half, considering it's gone 2am already) adn I'll have another break from LJ. After a month of posting several times a day, it might be difficult. I tried catching up with my book reports, yet as it is holiday time, I read a lot more as well. I was 10 books behind, now only 5, so I've done well. After I'm back I'll probably be back on 10 again.

Wednesday I will go to Cuba for a bit of travelling. Just me and my backpack, just like the old days. A bit over 2 weeks and as soon as I'm back, work is on again. Well actually I will be somewhere over the Atlantic as work starts, but I'm sure they'll manage without me the first day ;-)

I had so many things planned this month, yet I've done very few of them. I managed to catch up with sleep (probably overdone that one a bit). I did read a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed following the Tour de France. By following I mean spending about 8 hours a day in front of the television, listening to the radio, read the newspapers, check the internet. One of the best Tours in years, though I have to admit I always enjoy it, to me the Tour is similar to holiday.

Mid august I'll be back, I don't think I'll have any opportunity to check while in Cuba. Never mind, I'll be enjoying myself I'm sure.
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