August 25th, 2003

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De Muur 4 (03-034)

De Muur 4 (03-034)

Nearly two months behind schedule, this was the first book I started reading during the Tour de France, obviously one that fits with the theme. De Muur appears 3 times a year with cycling stories, this edition came out just before the centennial Tour.

13 stories or poems about the main event in the cycling world. Jeroen Wielaert travelled back in time to reconstruct the very first Tour, Rik Vanwalleghem has a great story about the decline of the greatest of all, Eddy Merckx. Marije Randwijk writes with surprising accuracy about the day Pollentier won at Alpe D´huez, got the yellow jersey and was caught cheating at the drug test. He is still convinced somebody set him up. Finally Bert Wagendorp starts a series on following young rider Pieter Weening on his way to victory in the Tour in 2008.

All very nice reading, appropriate for the time of the year.
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