August 27th, 2003


Tony Hawks – Playing the Moldovans at tennis (03-036)

Tony Hawks – Playing the Moldovans at tennis (03-036)

Hawks is an English comedian who happens to like a silly bet. In his first book he travelled all around Ireland, hitchhiking with a fridge. He won. In this book he starts with watching a footy match on TV with a mate. He ends up in his next bet, having to beat the Moldavian football players at a game of tennis, one by one.

So he moves to Moldovia, where he needs a host family, a translator and an office on his quest on finding the players and then convincing them to help him with his stupid bet. In the end there is always the odd player who has been transferred abroad and he needs a trip to Israel as well. The loser of the bet has to stand in Balham high road and sing the national anthem of Moldovia while stripping naked.

A hilarious account, but also some sort of travel book. How many people do get to go sightseeing Chisinau? Combined with his great skill of making fun of himself, his observational skills and the sheer idiocy of the bet, this certainly is a great book that is very difficult to put down once you started reading it.
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