September 2nd, 2003


Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa – De tijgerkat (03-041)

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa – De tijgerkat (03-041)

Sicily 1860. Times are changing, in Italy as well. Though Italy, the country did not exist as a whole then. On the island the aristocracy is still very important, but for how much longer. In this epic novel one follows the path of Don Fabrizio, the last prince of Salina. His adopted cousin Tancredi adapts to the new life and marries the daughter of the rich mayor of the village. The novel describes 50 years, in fragments. That way some things become very clear, other things one has to read between the lines.

Tomasi himself was from Sicily. He was one of the last old fashioned aristocrats of the island. Certainly some parts of this book must be autobiographical. He was not a writer, this is the only story he ever told. But what a masterful one, if you write only one in your life. In Italy this book has had over 70 reprints. Need I say more? I was impressed, it is a beautiful portrait of a time. Added bonus to just reading a good book, to just reading a nice story.

Power cut

After the huge one in North America and the minor one in the States, some organisation for economic development in the Netherlands has started thinking. Then they did some calculations. And the conclusion was that should we have a power cut in this country, the areas around the major cities (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht) will be most affected economically. Therefore all available electricity should go there, so the least damage is done.

Well Einsteins, one does not need to do research to know that the major cities will be mostly affected. One could just think logically for two seconds. But is the Economy the only factor? Is the rest of the country less important? Yes, those four cities are the most populated, but the rest of the country still more than doubles the amount of people of the major cities combined. And so what if economic damage is done, so fucking what? Do people not count? Are you more important if you earn more money? What is next: only companies that use more than a certain amount of electricity get preference? Only people with a mortgage of over a million euro? What a load of bollocks. This country is losing its social face. I’m not proud anymore.