October 2nd, 2003



Today I had an exchange of thoughts with my boss. This turned into a discussion, then into an argument. When at some point he made a patronizing gesture about a (valid) point I made, I decided to turn around and leave his room. I´m not arguing if my motivation is doubted. I can´t argue with incompetent people who try to win arguments on their position, who ignore knowledge and turn into macho´s. Two minutes later he came steaming into my office, shouting that this was no way of communicating and that I wouldn´t dare walk out of his office again in the middle of an argument. I seem to have hit a spot I guess. My career options within the school probably took a blow today.


LJ seems to be having some problems tonight. Just the night I was planning on writing a bit. Luckily there is always other stuff to write. Can´t reply to comments, so I´ll have to try again tomorrow. For the moment, this´ll have to do for today. I´m yawning big time, I guess that should be a hint.


By the way, did I mention that I have been running for the third consecutive wednesday? Not a real achievement, but I´m happy enough that I did manage to motivatie myself. Nearly 4km, no break. Should be easy for me, perhaps next time I should speed it up a bit.