October 12th, 2003



Typical saturday on LJ. Came home late, checked my friends page and find hardly anybody posting.
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    Timmy and the lords of the underground


I planned not to play football this morning. I needed the extra sleep. I told them on thursday. At 9.30am I heard the answering machine, apparently missed the phone. 10 minutes later again. At 9.55am someone at my door. In short, at 10.05 I was at the football ground, we were down 1-0 already. 5 minutes later I am ready to be a substitute, 5 more minutes and I was on the pitch and score on the first action. We were leading 2-1 a bit later, but lost 3-2 anyway. I´ve got a bloody leg as well, this opponent seems to like kicking my leg. He did so the first time we played against each other, 23 years ago. He hasn´t changed.
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    Kees Torn - Uitvindingen


World Championships in Hamilton, Canada, on television at the moment. Sixty something kilometers done, nearly 200 to go still. I´ll be watching that for the next 4-5 hours.
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    Cycling on television


I have downloaded thousands of MP3s since I have cable internet, over half a year now. I have to listen to many of them still. Tonight I decided to listen to the Tindersticks and immediately realised how stupid it is to just download them and wait until you listen to them. What a great band. Waiting for the moon is another great CD by them. Fuck the downloads, just give me more Tindersticks!
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    Tindersticks - Rosemarie