October 17th, 2003



I shouldn´t be proud, but I think I am a bit anyway. Finally did the dishes again. I think the end of the year I can count the number of times I did them through my LJ entries. Shame on me.
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    Mannen van de Radio - Geiten en marmotten

I like this quote

Brandon Calhoun
Systems Analyst "I'm from Minnesota, and I demand some credit. We elected a ridiculous joke of a governor years ago."

Sarah Jacobs (Lyricist) : "Who would have thought that a bad Austrian artist who's obsessed with the human physical ideal could assemble such a rabid political following?"


This is very addictive. I should have prepared 4 tests/exams, only did two, because I keep checking online auctions, email, LJ-friends, and KazaaLite.