October 18th, 2003



Never really thought about multitasking, but when you see 10 different things on the bottom of you´re screen, you know you are using your computer well!


How come if you´ve got 10 hours of MP3´s on a CD, you play the thing at random and just when the second hour starts, you get the same song for the second time. And another one as well.


Briljant om Pinball Wizard te vertalen in Trekkast mafkees. En het klink nog beter dan de Who destijds. Fosko is een genie.


Just added 50 albums to my database of albums. I´m so glad I started that one over a decade ago, now it´s only a matter of updating. I´ve got 1470 albums at the moment.

281 still on vinyl
55 original cassettes
682 albums taped on cassette myself
325 CD´s
92 CD´s burned
35 albums on MP´s on CD-rom

I think my music collection is one of the few earthly possesions I am proud of.