October 19th, 2003



I have lived for over thirty years without any problems, yet nowadays hair seems to grow out of my ear. Is there any reason for that?


And again I played football. I thought I´d play less this season, but I´m only playing more than last season. Early rise, which was difficult. During the first half three times we fell behind and three times we came back. I scored the second. During the second half I missed two chances, our defence was crap though and we lost 5-3. Oh well. Keeps us of the street.
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one week

A week of school´s holiday. 5 times sleep in, a weeks newspapers, a months magazines and a book and a bit finished. 4 exams prepared. Graded 70 first years papers, 15 trainee´s reports. Trained for football on wednesday and played a game on both sundays. Watched movies Nynke and Reds that I still had on video. Mailed plenty of people. Wrote one story for CycloSim, had two meetings at the football club, of which one wasn´t particulary nice.

Why am I writing this?