October 21st, 2003



I can´t stand MSN. Without any advanced warning or reason they have changed the structure of the contacts list. I have hundreds of addresses in there, all neatly ordered by a two or three letter code before their name. All these codes have gone and everything has been put into alphabetical order. So instead of easily finding my 27 football friends or 31 students, I have to go through the whole list every time and see who belongs to which group.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Doce cuentos peregrinos (03-047)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Doce cuentos peregrinos (03-047)

As in Rome do as the Romans. So when I went to Spain this June, I took this book that had been waiting on my shelf for half a decade. 12 stories by the master of short stories. And my Spanish is just about good enough to read a short story by him. Unfortunately I didn´t finish the book before I got home, so all summer it was there waiting for me next to my bed, while I read one book after the other. Then after I came back from my summer holidays in Cuba I felt comfortable enough (in Spanish) to finish the last few stories as well.

Some of the stories really hit me. The touching story about the exile who recognizes the ex president of his country is a brilliant opening story. `El avion de la bella durmiente` is about the sleeping beauty in the airplane. If you, like my self, love travelling, I´m sure your mind must have made the same wanderings as mine or as GGM in this story. Señora Forbes could be a children´s story. The last story about an injured woman on her honeymoon dragged along a bit too much in my opinion. Tramontana could be an article as well.

All in all I enjoyed reading these stories, though this is certainly not his best book.