October 26th, 2003



I have only just discovered syndication. Rss feeds, whatever way to describe them. Basically logs/sites from elsewhere incorporated on my LJ-friends list. Smart move from LJ, with my 30 links already there, I have hardly any reason to go elsewhere on the web anymore, or only via LJ.

Any Dutch people want to share Bieslog or Badlog with me. The more people use a feed, the cheaper it gets.
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    Never mind the Buzzcocks on BBC2


And again I played a game. This time the 3rd team needed me. After 1-0 at halftime (two big misses by yours truly) we managed to score a few in the second half. I scored one, we won by 8-1. Winning big is fun!
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    Dijk - Ik kan het niet alleen