October 28th, 2003



Watching the documentary/movie about Amalia Rodrigues I taped this weekend from TV5. Incredibly boring. I was hoping the music at least would be worth it, but I´m afraid Fado won´t make my top ten of music styles.
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Douglas Adams – The long dark tea-time of the soul (03-049)

Douglas Adams – The long dark tea-time of the soul (03-049)

Thank you Kittiwake, for spontaneously sending me this one, after you read I did enjoy the first Dirk Gently novel. And again I have to admit that I do like Dirk, he is a good guy, has a great sense of humour and an unconventional way of thinking. How can I not like him?

Spontaneous combustion as the starting point for a novel is funny as well. Thing with the Gently books is that it does not try to convince me that impossible things actually exist. To me, most sci-fi fantasy is still about Marsyan characters who have special powers but apart from that act like humans. Adams manages to avoid that genre all together as he just plainly states some impossibility into his story, yet describes them in a way that it could have happened. You are willing to believe him. The strange thing that happen are a given.

Therefore I found myself reading about the Nordic gods who suffer in this strange world. `You made us immortal, yet you wonder that we are still alive` I paraphrase, as I can’t be arsed to find the exact quote. Brilliant logic! Who can deny the fact that the gods must still be around. So inevitably our hero ends up visiting Valhalla. Combine these finds with a gift for strange conversations and you’ve got a good book.

This is a good book.
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Thought for the day

As we’re very young, we do not know any shame. Yet very soon us humans are ashamed to undress in front of others. I can remember having problems doing so on a visit to the school doctor. If we’re old, we are ashamed to undress, as we want to spare others the sight.

Basically the period between being ashamed to show oneself and being ashamed to be seen by others (two contrary emotions) is the only lucky time in our lives. Yet I don’t remember when one situation turned into the other. Was there ever any time in between them?
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