December 14th, 2003



Normally I get about 20-40 mails every day in one of my hotmail junk mail folders. This day is over 12 hours old and I haven´t checked that particular address last night either, yet it only had 1 single spam in there. Are spammers on strike?
Fokke en Sukke


Weer een goed aflevering gezien van Tegenlicht. Deze keer over een mosliminternaat op Java. Ontluisterende beelden. Volgende week gaat het over Circus Schwarzenegger, oftewel het spel rond de verkiezingen van Californie.

Tegenlicht, geweldige onafhankelijke documentaires, week in, week uit. Waarom kijken maar zo weinig mensen?

Peter van Straaten – Feest (03-056)

Peter van Straaten – Feest (03-056)

Rainbow pockets do exist since 20 years. For this anniversary, they have some special editions. This book by Van Straaten is one of them. His cartoons are always sad or tragic. Through his cartoons you can’t escape the idea that life must be hell on earth for him. But he does see the comic side of suffering, that’s why his cartoons are always interesting to read. In this book, all of his cartoons are about parties, celebrations, and festive occasions. Yet always there is something wrong. The caption, usually only one sentence tells a whole story. Women meeting their ex on a party, men looking at other women, children embarrassed by their parents.

Van Straaten has been translated into English before, if you like dark humour, I’m sure he would make great reading material.
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