December 20th, 2003



Just got my car back from the garage. Finally. Hope things are working properly again for the next 12 months.

Last day

Yesterday was the last day at school. I had been told by some of my colleagues to come by bike, leave the car at home. I know why now. After the official part in the morning (Volleyball) and the speeches at lunchtime, people started to leave soon after lunch. A hardcore group then stayed on at three tables to drink a few. 7 hours and a bottle of wodka later I decided to take the bike home, instead of joining some of the real hardcore who went on to go hit the town.

The wodka sure had its effect. In the morning I cycled to work in 50 minutes. Going home, no bad weather conditions I needed way over an hour to get home. Had plenty of sleep afterwards as well. An afternoon well spent I´d say.