December 25th, 2003

beach bum

Holiday story

This morning I woke up and thought back on something that happened to me a few years ago. I wrote the story in Dutch then, so I spent this afternoon translating it into English. It was Thanksgiving weekend, but somehow I feel there is a christmas message in there. Anyway, read it yourself.

Sunday afternoon in Washington D.C.

On my way from Vienna, VA to Columbia MD, I have to go through Washington DC, capital of the modern world. I had spent a handful of days there a few years before, yet I still took the subway early, which allowed me to spend a couple of hours during the afternoon in a city that has fascinated me for a while now.

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I live in a rural area. We are not far from the world, yet we do not have crime rates like cities have. I live in an part of town that is quiet. People live here, do not need to get through here to get somewhere, only if you live here or come to visit someone, you will come to my part of town. The street I live in is like a W, though the middle bit is open for pedestrians or for pushbikes. Cars do not go past my front window.

Yesterday I am in the shower and apparently the police was chasing somebody who didn't know this part of the street is a dead end for cars. He drove straight into a traffic sign and left the car running. I only found out afterwards when I went to my parents for christmas dinner and saw a big group of people, a police car and a smoking car against a traffic sign that was nearly at the ground.

The chance of me ever seeing a car chase in my street has gone. How often do you get a car chase in a dead end street? Why did I choose that moment to take a shower...