December 26th, 2003

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Demetria Martinez – Moedertaal (03-058)

Demetria Martinez – Moedertaal (03-058)

Mary is very young still, naive. So it is no surprise she falls in love with the young man she picks up from the airport and has to help during his first weeks in the United States. Jose Luis is from El Salvador, but has fled the country, during the guerrilla war in the early eighties. The US government backs the death squads in that country, but obviously can’t admit that, so therefore a political refugee can’t be accepted either. Jose Luis is an illegal in the new country. Mary does everything to make him comfortable, yet in the end he feels he has to go back to his native country anyway.

Good story about a small country with a huge history. Thing is, the story never got really tense. Never do you really get the chance to see all the problems. Mary becomes Maria, her Latin background is not lost on poetry writing Jose Luis. But in the end I felt that this book could have made the story so much more out of the situation.
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Escape to victory

Jonathan Ross is referring to this film. I saw the end again last week. It was so crappy, it was funny again. Do you remember?

At halftime they could have escaped through a tunnel from their dressing room, but halfway down that tunnel, they decide to go back and finish the match. After Sylvester Stallone, the goalie, holds a last minute penalty, the allied forces team doesn't lose against the Germans. The crowd comes from the stands and takes all players out of the stadium.

Classic end. I always wondered what happened next. Pele in occupied France? I once started writing a story where the French resistance tries to smuggle the players out of the country. The only thing most people know about French underground is through Allo Allo. Use your imagination, combine the two, a new classic is born...