December 31st, 2003

Fokke en Sukke

Hard Gras 36 (03-062)

Hard Gras 36 (03-062)

25 moments that have defined Dutch Football. Not the obvious ones, like Rensenbrink missing in the last minute of the world cup final or Van Bastens incredible goal in the Euro 88 final.

These are some short and some longer stories about the near forgotten moments that were very important to this country. The best match Van Hanegem played, which was the first time a Dutch team beat a Serie A team. The first man from Suriname to play in the Dutch league. The inevitable change from amateur to professional football. The last club from outside the traditional top three to become champion. A young Cruijff learning about politics, but also discussing the way football should be played. Very interesting.
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I feel that fireworks are for children. I know many adults enjoy watching it as well, yet I have the idea that it brings out the child in men. I hardly see women lighting fireworks.

Fireworks 2

While going to the afternoon celebrations in the footy canteen, some small kids were playing outide, lighting fireworks. No adult was there to guard them, yet I felt that the youngest one of the group must have been like 4 years old. The senior can't have been over 7. And still we wonder why so many get hurt every year.