January 14th, 2004



In my long term planning to enter the Dutch parliament in 2011, tonight I attended a meeting from the party of my choice. I had to go to the next city, as apparently only 8 people in my hometown are member like myself. I was late, as I hadn't read the invitation properly.

It was funny to see that one of my former students sat there, she turned out to be a member of the local board. It might have been a very little influence, but I guess she was introduced to politics in my class 5 years ago.

It wasn't a bad evening. On the other end, having a discussion about integration with 15 people who all are active members of the same party, isn't a real discussion. We only disagree on minor details. I do not need an hour to establish that. I want to know how we can convince the 95% of the country who appear to be so ignorant that they do not vote like us!

Not a lost night. Not a very succesful one either.

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