February 21st, 2004



I am a pacifist. I have to stretch my imagination extremely far, until I can find a reason for violence.

Obviously I am against torture. Tonight I read about the son of Saddam Hussein who once threw a sportsman into a swimming pool after a disappointing result. He wasn't entitled to leave the pool until he had caught the goldfish that was swimming in the pool as well.

Moral of the story: If you want to torture anyone, at least be original.
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Live in NY 1971

Watching John and Yoko in concert. I am sure John must have loved Yoko incredibly much. If he just loved her, he would have told her not to make a complete idiot of herself on stage by singing. Yet he loved her so much that he either didn't notice she couldn't sing at all, or more likely, he didn't care what people thought. As long as she was happy. That's what I call true love.