March 5th, 2004


Simon Winchester – The surgeon of Crowthorne (04-008)

Number: 04-008
Title: The surgeon of Crowthorne
Author: Simon Winchester
Language: English
# Pages: 207 (1938)
Category: History
ISBN: 0-14-027128-7

I think it is brilliant that books like this are still being written. Grab a detail, do some research, find some facts, decide to write a book, do a lot more research and write the book. It might be only for a small audience, but I bet that the author would have written it anyway, regardless if he sold one or a million. One can read that he enjoyed finding out all the little facts that make the book interesting to read.

The story of the first complete dictionary and two of the leading characters in writing the huge volume. The main character, editor Murray and one of the volunteers who helped him write the book, American millionaire, Minor, who happened to be in a special hospital after he was found not guilty of a murder he admitted he committed. Is he insane or is he brilliant. Can one be both?

Interesting book, I’m glad I signed up for this bookring.
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Met een functionerende real player is het internet een stuk interessanter. Ik ben begonnen met het archief van Radio Bergeijk. Ik ben ondertussen bij aflevering 5, 7 april 2001. Ik geloof dat ik nog heel wat uurtjes moet maken...
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