March 10th, 2004


Maarten Moll – De broer van Bergkamp (04-010)

Number: 04-010
Title: De broer van Bergkamp (verhalen van een linksback)
Author: Maarten Moll
Language: Dutch
# Pages: 128 (2268)
Category: Sports (football)
ISBN: 90-6005-425-3

Columns from the Amsterdam news paper Parool put together in a book. Journalist Moll doubles as a left back in a Saturday afternoon recreational football team. He writes every week, about the matches they play, about his team mates, about the thoughts of a player at lower level and everything around the game. Very interesting. Very recognisable for many of us would be pro-players.

For me in particular a bit weird to read though. I myself wrote a book about football at lower level and whatever happens around the matches 5 years ago. Didn’t actually bother to get it printed country wide, yet a lot of observations did remind me of the book I lost a lot of money on, though got a lot of praise for instead.


got a flat tyre. some bigcarred bastard forced me to the side of the road, where the edge of the pavement did the damage. tomorrow I'll have to rely on the train. I don't mind trains. I do mind having to get up half an hour earlier...