March 11th, 2004



From the very first moment that I heard about the bomb attacks in Madrid I felt that this is not an ETA thing. They kill people they think are to blame for the situation they are in. They put bombs in hotels, but phone in advance to make sure no innocents are victims. Don't get me wrong, they are terrorists, but I do not believe they are responsible.

Al Quada on the other hand have shown in the past that they do not stop at small numbers. They will kill for the impact. Exactly what happened today.

Then I thought back at Bush's fight against terrorism. Apart from the 51st state (UK, copyright Matt Johnson), Spain was the first to support the US after 9/11. The first European country to agree with the war in Iraq.

Later tonight I read about Aznar pointing the finger. About him talking strong language, Bush/Blair style. I feel that he tries to become a world player. The cynic in me even says that short before the re-elections, this will give him an opportunity. Looking at some other countries with elections coming up, I am curious to see if this attack today is a one-off.

My first guess: Al Queda, not ETA.
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