March 31st, 2004


Arnon Grunberg – Het aapje dat geluk pakt (04-014)

Arnon Grunberg – Het aapje dat geluk pakt (04-014)

Number: 04-014
Title: Het aapje dat geluk pakt
Author: Arnon Grunberg
Language: Dutch
# Pages: 87 (3079)
Category: Literature
ISBN: 90-714-4298-5

Short novel, especially published during the Dutch ‘boekenweek’, week of the book. Jean Baptist Warnke, a Dutch diplomat in Lima, Peru, finds himself in an affair with a young local girl. He doesn’t notice he is being used, but his life is falling apart even without that knowledge. The guerrilla action on the Japanese embassy is the end of their affair. The next time he sees her, she is dead on television. His marriage ends as well.

A lot of insight in his mind. Quick read. Not bad. Not memorable either.
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