April 13th, 2004


Stealing and publishing something...

Another amazing game!

1. Pick a book.
2. Look up page 876. (If that book doesn't have more than 875 pages, go to the nearest bookshop and buy something suitable, for example, a thicker book)
3. Write in a post what's in the line #23.
4. Others BXers must guess in which country the action takes place.
5. If you're a cititzen of that country, post the name of a famous person who was born there (If you're not, go to the nearest bar and look for someone suitable, for example, a citizen from that country)
6. If you're the famous person mentioned by the previous BXer, say so, post a shirtless picture of yourself in your bookshelf and wait for responses (If you're not, go to the nearest place where a digital camera can be found and do something suitable, for example, taking a pic of yourself either naked or in any other embarrasing situation, post it and wait for responses)
7. If you are that famous person's soulmate, agent and/or lover, explain something good/weird and/or sexual that happened to him/her today.
8. If that very thing happened to you today (the better if it happened to you both at the same time and place and it was sexual and the poster of the previous message was unaware of it), say so and explain what relationship exists between that anecdote and the war in Iraq.
9. If you have an invisible friend from Iraq as a child and you're not afraid of being with him in a dark room, go to the nearest psychiatrist.
10. If you are a psychiatrist, write the lyrics of a song that has the words "agoraphobia", "jungian" and "expensive fees" in it, to let others guess which musical that song is in.
11. If you guess the name of the musical, you're allowed to start the game all over again from step #1.
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Just saw Dutch television talking about the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Leontien van Moorsel talking about her 3 gold medals. I was there to witness that twice. I saw her on the stage from a few meters.

The defining moment of that Olympics was the gold medal by Cathy Freeman. I remember standing outside the stadium during that race. I sneeked in to witness the medal ceremony with about 100.000 others. Chills.

Looking back at it, it was unique to be there at that moment. Remembering it makes me see that even more.
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