April 24th, 2004


Maarten Spanjer - Moedeloos voorwaarts (04-019)

Maarten Spanjer - Moedeloos voorwaarts (04-019)

Number: 04-019
Title: Moedeloos voorwaarts
Author: Maarten Spanjer
Language: Dutch
Year: 1998
# Pages: 127 (3911)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 90-295-4641-7

Spanjer is mostly known as actor and all round television personality. His break through came as a comic character in a sport programme in the early eighties. He played a football talent that never actually made it. A fairly realistic role for him. In his second collection of short stories, one of the stories is about him making an appearance in a match up north, where he was chosen to perform for some extra cash. The money was good, his performance wasn't.

This certainly is a recognisable pattern in his stories, for those who know apparently a pattern in his life as well. Spanjer is a nice bloke, has a great sense of humour, but also a tragic figure whose life is falling apart. He has the great quality of making himself look ridiculous, such an easy thing to do, yet so rarely used. It could have been British, if he wasn't such a typical example from someone from Amsterdam.

10 stories about every day problems, the mess that is his life, about his friends, about things he sees in the world around him. Nothing deep, nothing spectacular, but ideal literature for in the train, as an in between, for a nice smile, not laugh out loud funny.
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