May 22nd, 2004


Herman Brusselmans – Bloemen op mijn graf (04-026)

Herman Brusselmans – Bloemen op mijn graf (04-026)

Number: 04-026
Title: Bloemen op mijn graf
Author: Herman Brusselmans
Language: Dutch (Belgium)
Year: 1998
# Pages: 287 (4879)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 90-5713-473-X

Brusselmans is one of my favourite authors. I’ve got difficulties keeping up with his work, he produces 2 books a year at least. Which means I always have a book on the shelf waiting for the right mood to read him. This book is a collection of poetry, columns, short stories and a play as well. All in the familiar style, everything you’d come to expect of him.

The short stories are the ones that stand out in this collection. His columns sometimes are great, flaming at times, but predictable at other times. One can read a deadline in some of them, ‘let me produce something quick before I miss my deadline’ seems to be resulting in more columns about how great he is. He is right about that, but I do not have to read it over and over again.

The play is funny, could even be read as a sign of the times. The short stories about cycling and football are the usual standard, as long as you don’t read them as a sports fan. All in all, well worth the read and a great idea in between his novels.
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Cup final

Today's cup final has my attention, I don't care much about the final of tomorrow, even though the team from my region is playing in that one.

Nor do I care much about Millwall, yet I will support them today!