May 29th, 2004



Once I posted 17 days running. July last year that was. Plenty of time on hands apparently. I guess I'm not very addicted yet then, having read about people blogging on beaches, toilets and instead of doing their proper job.

Hein de Kort – Dirk & Desiree, Leuk is anders (04-028)

Hein de Kort – Dirk & Desiree, Leuk is anders (04-028)

Number: 04-028
Title: Dirk & Desiree, Leuk is anders
Author: Hein de Kort
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 47 (5251)
Category: Comic
ISBN: 90-225-3875-3

The famous weekly cartoon/comic from the Nieuwe Revu. Tiny Dirk and his huge wife Desiree live a miserable life, like most of us do. They do not really cope well with it.

Great series from my favourite comic author Hein de Kort.
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