June 3rd, 2004

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Carl Hiaasen – Basket case (04-030)

Carl Hiaasen – Basket case (04-030)

Number: 04-030
Title: Basket Case
Author: Carl Hiaasen
Language: English (U.S.A.)
Year: 2002
# Pages: 411 (5774)
Category: Crime
ISBN: 0-446-61193-X

Not very often do I read crime these days. For Hiaasen I do not mind putting a habit aside for a bit. His books always follow a similar pattern, yet, contrary to most crime authors, he doesn’t stick with the same character. As a journalist in Miami, his stories always take place in Florida though. I’ve missed the previous, but apart from that, I have now read every comic crime novel by him.

The book starts with the death of an old rock singer. The writer of his obituary, an old and experienced journalist who through some problems ended writing obituaries, smells that there is something wrong. He starts investigating and encounters plenty of problems, including another murder, kidnapping and other crimes. His biggest problem though is that he knows them happening, but cannot prove them, hence cannot publish them either.

Hiaasen always brings a critical view of society in the shape of a crime novel, in the meantime mixing it with a great sense of humour, therefore writing a book that is very difficult to put down.