June 9th, 2004


Dan Turell – Moord in Kopenhagen (04-031)

Dan Turell – Moord in Kopenhagen (04-031)

Number: 04-031
Title: Moord in Kopenhagen (Tr. From Mor ved Runddelen)
Author: Dan Turell
Language: Dutch (Orig. Danish)
Year: 1991 (1983)
# Pages: 190 (5964)
Category: Crime
ISBN: 90-449-2401-X

Turell is a cynic. I like his writing. It is nice to read not just a crime, but a crime where one can read between the lines what the author thinks of today’s society. It is fun to see that a lot of the things are related to what happens in reality. This is the third book I read by him, I know at least 4 have been translated, so at least one to go, though it might be difficult to find.

Inspector Ehlers gets help by his unusual sidekick, journalist and first person in this book (I just realise I don’t know his name, it is either never mentioned or not very often, not necessary anyway). Walking through a bad neighbourhood on a Monday night he is just too late to witness a murder. A week later again he is the first to find a dead girl. A panic strikes Copenhagen.

Good story, great end. Good author.
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