June 12th, 2004



Looking at my LJ, I've had a busy week. Every night after work some sort of obligation. I should be looking towards the summer holidays by now.

You asked for it (2)

5 Dutch media people (requested by spiralstairs)

In the request was also the word fanciable. I guess I have ignored that bit, as it is difficult enough to get a top 5 anyway. Another factor is the word media. I could choose some obscure radio presenter, but decided to stick to the pool of well known Dutch celebs. It has become rather a long story, I think a lj-cut is appropriate.

1. Boudewijn Buch

Just recently Dutch television started with the rerun of the highlights from his television career. Buch, an author, started with a show about books. His best shows were when he travelled everywhere around the world to follow one of his obsessions. He has many, Goethe, Islands, Rolling Stones, Dodo’s, Libraries and rock and roll to name but a few of them. His interview with the mother of Buddy Holly brought me to tears, him wandering through the dungeons of the library of congress made me jealous, him setting foot on the isle of Filfla, near Malta, as the first human being for 20 years was a television highlight.

His enthusiasm worked miracles, people kept watching, even though they didn’t care at all about the subject. Boudewijn Buch died in 2002. Television has become duller without him.

His site
About Buch

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(You asked for it, a series I started to give anyone the opportunity to tell me what to write. You want to tell me as well: leave a comment or mail me (email in user info). This was part 2, one more in line at the moment.)