June 25th, 2004


Music collection.

Since Christmas 2001 I own a car. Old, nearly done, but with a Cassette Player. So since then, I started on a project to play all my tapes at least once. Today, june 25th 2004, two and a half years afterwards, I can proudly tell I played every single tape in my collection.

Some useless stats: I played 786 tapes, 54 of them Original Cassettes, 5 of them too cranky to save, hence thrown out. 690 tapes with music, 96 of them with comedy/cabaret. I listened to 737 albums, but also 209 live recordings of at least 10 minutes.

I didn't jot down the length of every cassette, but with most of my tapes 90 minutes, I think it is safe to take an average of 75 minutes per tape. This totals up to 58.950 minutes of noise. Or 982 and a half hours. Or nearly 41 days of consecutive music.

I think my next car should have a cd-player, so I can start playing that part of my collection. Though I'm not sure when to play my 256 Long Play Records. For those of you under 25: Vinyl.

Perhaps I'm not ready for MP3 yet....

C U monday

It will be monday before I'm back. For my longer lasting friends, you'll know, it's the last weekend of June again. My hometown changes into one big celebration for 3 and a half days. I had a few drops last night, will have a few more tonight, drink all day tomorrow (and all day means all day: Breakfast at the pub at 9am with booze and bbq) , then Sunday participate in the big parade with friends from my football club and have a few drinks afterwards to celebrate our (inevitable) victory in said parade.

One tiny problem: My boss thought it was a good idea to have a team meeting at monday morning 8.30am.

Goodbye friends, see you on mondaynight perhaps. If by Wednesday there's no sign of life, send flowers to the hospital where I might be dehydrated then...