July 23rd, 2004


Annie M.G. Schmidt – Cabaret liedjes (04-038)

Annie M.G. Schmidt – Cabaret liedjes (04-038)

Number: 04-038
Title: Cabaret liedjes
Author: Annie M.G. Schmidt
Language: Dutch
Year: 1961
# Pages: 119 (7151)
Category: Lyrics

A compilation of the lyrics by one of the biggest talents the Dutch have ever produced. She is very famous for her children’s books, but also wrote a lot of songs for comedians, especially back in the fifties. This little book reproduces the lyrics of the most famous songs.

Unfortunately, reading this a feeling crept over me, that it was slightly boring. This in a way must be true. Thing is, some of the songs have been written half a century ago, they are outdated, not witty anymore or caught by the spirit of time. Apart from that, reading words that should be sung isn’t real reading. Nice book to have on your shelf, historic value. Not for reading from a to z though.
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TC matic

Downloaded a concert by Arno, Arno Hintjens as in the former singer of TC Matic. Elle adore le noir is still one of my favourite songs!
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