August 2nd, 2004



Directly opposite of Buenos Aires, about 50km across the river, the little colonial town (the name says it all) of Colonia tends to attract a lot of Argentine visitors. It is also the first place where I bumped into some international travellers, which after a couple of days of walking the streets of Montevideo on your own was a nice change as well.

The town was very quiet, though it could have something to do with the fact that it was sunday. Sometimes it almost seemed like a ghost town. Luckily standing on top of the light house there were several people visible in the streets, including an all dressed up group of 4 playing some sort of bongo´s with one elderly lady dancing in front of them. All five of them were wearing very colourful outfits, but unfortunately for them everybody was ignoring them.

Apart from the nice walk alongside the river, plenty of nice buildings and some authentic streets, I saw the second half of some local football match, which was fun, not because it was a good match, but more because imho every sunday afternoon one should see some football, regardless of the level.

So in Colonia I had to have an early night, as this morning my bus left at 5.55am, which meant having to get up at 5.15am, not a hobby of mine I have to say.


After 6 hours in the bus with my eyes closed in some state inbetween awake and asleep, I arrived in Paysandu this afternoon. Somehow on entering the second biggest city of Uruguay I felt that spending time here might not be such a good idea. So before leaving the busterminal I had informed about bustimes out of town again.

I was right, walking around there was so little to see and do, that I had to refrain myself from laughing out loud. Only the central square (park) is not bad. Down there they created a museum about the defense of the city in 1864. Not really well thought out though, with a fountain just above it, several points had water sipping through the roof. Not that there was much to see, apart from a few newspaper clippings and the urn with the ashes of Gnrl. Lopez, who was killed then.

So now it is time to check my mail, update my LJ and then back to the terminal, to cross the border to Argentina today, plenty of hours sitting in a bus for me today. Oh well, that´s what travelling is about. I guess.