August 3rd, 2004


Santa Fe

Spending an hour and a half in a busterminal in Colon doesn´t really count, hence Santa Fe is my first Argentine destination. Arrived about midnight yesterday, the luxury bus invited me to sleep again, so I guess it is safe to say that I had my share of sleep on buses yesterday.

This morning I started walking town centre as I tend to do in new cities. First have a look at the map for directions, then put away the guide book and stroll until you have to sit down.

I´m afraid to say that the city has disappointed me. Apparently this one (one of?) the eldest city in Argentina, but it has almost nothing to show for that. One monastry and a church, I have visited places in central America that don´t appear on most maps, yet have more attractions.

The main street has been pedestrianised, hence is now a big shopping mall. Sitting on a park bench, I was first talked into donating for the drinking kitty of some homeless (at least he was honest), then another one was less friendly and more or less forced me to donate my bottle of sprite to him. Oh well, I did get a pat on my head probably a means of thanking me.

So I have to conclude that the highlight of the day was that I did visit a travel agency and booked a flight to Tierra del Fuego. As if it isn´t winter here, I decided to go completely south and see what winter is like down there, hopefully visit some glaciers. Looking forward to that, but first tomorrow I´ll travel to Rosario, see how that city compares to this one. After that Buenos Aires for a few days.

Still enjoying myself!