August 5th, 2004



After Santa Fe, a bit disappointed, I moved on to Rosario. I found a cheap hotel opposite the bus terminal and walked the twenty plus blocks into town centre. It felt much more like a big city than Santa Fe had. I walked into two protest marches, both calling for better social reforms and against government spending. That is, if I understood correctly. It made the town livelier, more human. Some old block explained that police wasn´t allowed to wear guns when there was a social protest like this one.

Down at the river I encountered the highlight of the day: the monument for the designer of the Argentine flag. Not just a monument, it was huge, completely overdone, it was funny to see. Okay, someone thinks of a nice colour combination, it becomes a national flag, honour him. But a museum, a tower and a temple? Yet that is what makes Latin American cities nice imho. Because they lack the history that any European city has, they try to make up with bombastic builidings, extra statues and extended parks. The tower in this case was so huge, it gave a great view over the town, the river and everything around it. A comparable tower would costs plenty of dollars in other cities (I remember not going in Sydney and Auckland, yet did spend some bucks on the Empire State building), but in Rosario for one peso (3 of them in a dollar) one even has a lift attendant who pull the button for you!

I stood outside the first house of Che Guevara for a while, but the apartment block doesn´t have anything to prove this useless trivia fact, so I decided not to take a picture. I walked around the town for the rest of the afternoon, not looking for anything specific, just enjoying the nice spring weather (for the last time?).

Next up: Buenos Aires.
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