August 25th, 2004



Four years ago, as some of you might know or even remember ( I was in Sydney during the Olympics. And I wasn´t just there, I was in the middle of it, working as an Olympic volunteer during the games. Apart from being in the park a lot of the time, I also attended plenty of sports during my time off.

Had I been home, I would have sat in front of the television for quite a few hours every day. I like watching sports. I don´t miss much Cycling. During the Olympics Track and Field, Volleyball and Swimming are usually fun as well. I would have watched a lot of Baseball, Basketball and Football as well. Probably even hockey, tennis and triathlon. Even during the games I would have missed out on sports that involve a jury (gymnastics, synchronized swimming or jumping), fights (boxing, judo, wrestling, teakwondo) or weird sports like shooting and anything to do with horses.

It was weird to try to keep up with the Olympics while travelling here though. In Argentina people are sport mad. So I got to see some sports there, most cheap hotels in Argentina and Chile even have television, so that was okay. Still, you´re watching their point of view. Logical, yet sometimes annoying when you see cycling time trial and they suddenly switch because some Argentine judoka is fighting her match.

Chile was worse. They make fun of most sports, don´t care about the people who actually like to see the events and suddenly got interested when their tennis players were in the semis. They won 2 gold medals, ever since it feels like the Olympics are actually the Greek open tennis. Every newspaper has the same faces on the front pages every single day for a week now, I´m getting quite annoyed to be honest. Football, Basketball, Baseball and Tennis are sports that shouldn´t be in the Olympics. The strongest athletes aren´t competing, so why bother?

ESPN has a south american channel, which seems to be Argentine based as well, so half an hour sportscentre is about all I get through that and they still use half of that for Argentine football.

So I depend a lot on the internet, listen to the world service once in a while and will read a lot of newspapers when I´m home. Never mind, that´s how it goes.