August 29th, 2004

beach bum


There are a few things I do not understand:

Why do I have to be at a check in desk two hours before the flight, if it is only a 7 minute walk to the gate?

Why do people moan about the length of the queue at the check in, when it is visibly moving and you know your flight isn't leaving for another 135 minutes?

Why do people let their bags being wrapped in plastic, if your suitcase or backpack can't handle a luggage belt, you shouldn't have taken it in the first place..

Even worse: I saw someone with hand luggage wrapped. Isn't the idea of hand luggage that you take whatever you need during the flight?

Talking about hand luggage. Why do people think it is okay to take a huge suitcase into the plane?

Why do others think it is okay to take a suitcase, a bag, a plastic bag, a camera bag, a beauty case and some duty free shopping into the plane and still call it 'only' hand luggage?

Why do people complain about airline food? Have you seen those tiny kitchens, can you be expected to cook a meal in there, I don't think so. Apart from that, everyone knows food in an airplane is always crap. Personally I always find something that I like in it.

How come when you travel alone, they never put you next to a beautiful young girl, but always next to the grumpy old lady?

Why do I sleep when I didn't expect it, but also the other way around?

Why does it take over two hours to get a connection in Madrid, when all flights are in and everybody could be at the gate within an hour?

Why does someone who gets the emergency exit seat (next to me) complain about the fact that she doesn't get a pocket in front of her to put your book in. Get a normal seat if that is so important!

Why is duty free shopping always, without exception, more expensive than what you can buy outside the airport?