September 14th, 2004


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Emily Barr – Baggage (04-045)

Number: 04-045
Title: Baggage
Author: Emily Barr
Language: English
Year: 2002
# Pages: 346 (8621)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 0-7472-6677-8

Start with a travel novel, add some crime and put the whole scene into a typical chick lit setting. Shake it a bit and you’ll end with this book.

In the middle of a big Spanish book, I picked this one. Quick read, fascinating idea, well worked out. Yet, somehow I didn’t feel like I was reading a great book. It seemed predictable at some point.

As often, coincidence is the starting point for the story; a chance encounter in the outback of Australia between two old friends, though one of them has turned her life completely around after a dramatic event a decade earlier, sets a series of events in motion, with no possibility to stop them.

The differences between the extremely quiet life in the outback of Oz and the busy life of the city in London feature prominently in the story. The little girl who loved ballet now is a pregnant mother and school teacher.

If you like Bill Bryson and Helen Fielding, I’m sure you will like this one as well. I enjoyed reading it, though I found that the story faded away instead of going out with a bang. I know this is her second novel, but I’m not sure if I will read the first or third novel. Having seen the summaries on the back of those two other books, I’m afraid Mrs. Barr might be a ‘one novel type’ author.
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