September 28th, 2004


J.A.Deelder – Zonder dollen (04-047)

J.A.Deelder – Zonder dollen (04-047)

Number: 04-047
Title: Zonder dollen
Author: J.A. Deelder
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 49 (9197)
Category: Poetry
ISBN: 90-234-1342-3

Jules Deelder is a performer, a poet, author of short stories, all round media personality and the self declared Night Mayor of Rotterdam. This is his latest collection of poetry.

Deelder’s poetry isn’t your average rhyming stories. At first sight, it hardly ever makes sense. Then it seems absurd. It becomes humorous and in the end one starts thinking that there is a point behind it as well. To me that is a great quality, if you manage to put so many layers through a few words. One miserable attempt at a translation:

In Petrograd
I spoke to a bloke

whose mother
just like myself
was born in 1944

though that happened in Leningrad
which makes the matter
a different story

be it only
because it’s further north

Deelder is an artist of many qualities. Nowadays I do not even mind paying €10 for a little booklet like this one.